Annual My County Poster Contest


Mark your calendar for the 2020 My County Poster Contest!

The Deadline to to accept My County Poster Contest entries is Friday, February 28, 2020. 

The Poster Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday, April 3, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. in the Jury Assembly Room at the Court House located at 9 N. Main Street, Cape May Court House

  • Design a poster to depict that which makes CAPE MAY COUNTY unique. 
  • Use a standard 22" X 28" white poster board.  
  • The name of the student, homeroom teacher and the name of the school must be printed neatly on the back of the poster.  One entry per student.  
  • Do not glue any materials or three dimensional objects onto the poster.
  • Special knowledge or background is not needed.  The poster design and content are at the discretion of the student.  
  • Vibrant colors are encouraged.

Deliver posters to:      
Rita Marie Fulginiti, County Clerk
7 North Main Street,
Cape May Court House

For information call: Melissa Mistic 463-6449
All posters become the property of the Cape May County Constitutional Officers.  Submission of the posters grants the Cape May County Constitutional Officers
permission to display the posters in public places and to reproduce them on a 2020 school year calendar.



Not everyone is aware that Cape May County government is responsible for county road maintenance, an animal shelter, a jail, a nursing home, land recording, voting, protecting the rights of minors, and much more.

To promote awareness of the work accomplished by County Government, the County Surrogate, the County Clerk and the Sheriff of Cape May County sponsor the MY COUNTY POSTER CONTEST. The annual event brings awareness of the function of county government to fourth grade students who study local government as part of their curriculum. Students are invited to create a poster depicting something about Cape May County.

Twelve prize winners in all are selected and invited to participate in an awards ceremony given in their honor.  The twelve winning posters will be featured on a following years School Year Calendar, distributed to the winners and to each fourth-grade student in Cape May County. The winning posters will be on display in the public area of the Courts facility located at 9 North Main Street, Cape May Court House for the week beginning April 1st to commemorate County Government Month, April 1st-30th.

1st Place Winner receives a $100.00 Visa Gift Card, a pizza party with his/her homeroom classmates, and a goodie bag
2nd & 3rd Place Winners each receive a $50.00 Visa Gift Card and a goodie bag
9 Honorable Mention Winners will be honored and receive a goodie bag

The 2019 winners are as follows:
1st Place, Ajalon Thompson, Woodbine Elementary
2nd Place Katherine Wenger, Cape Trinity Catholic School
3rd Place Colin Russell, Middle Township Elementary #2

Honorable Mention Winners:
Rachel Riess, Crest Memorial
Chayse Cileone, Dennis Township Elementary
Andrew Raymond, Margaret Mace
David Risley, Upper Township Elementary
Ryan Lick, Upper Township Elementary
Olivia Beitel, Glenwood Avenue Elementary
Vinnie Fusco Sweeney, Margaret Mace
Norah Stanley, Upper Township Elementary
Lucia Huff, Cape Christian Academy


1st Place - Ajalon Thompson, Woodbine Elementary

1st Place Ajalon Thompson

2nd Place- Katherine Wenger, Woodbine Elementary

2nd Place- Katherine Wenger

3rd Place- Colin Russell, Middle Twp Elementary #2

3rd Place- Colin Russell

Lucia Huff - Honorable Mention, Cape Christian Academy

Lucia Huff - Honorable Mention

Norah Stanley - Honorable Mention, Upper Township Elementary

Norah Stanley - Honorable Mention

David Risley - Honorable Mention, Upper Township Elementary

David Risley - Honorable Mention

Chayse Cileone - Honorable Mention, Dennis Township Elementary

Chayse Cileone-  Honorable Mention

Andrew Raymond- Honorable Mention, Margaret Mace Elementary School

Andrew Raymond - Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Abril Bautista, Ocean City Intermediate School

Vinnie Fusco Sweeney - Honorable Mention

Olivia Beitel - Honorable Mention, Glenwood Avenue School

Olivia Beitel-  Honorable Mention

Vinnie Fusco Sweeney - Honorable Mention, Margaret Mace Elementary School

Riley Taylor- Honorable Mention

Rachel Riess- Honorable Mention, Crest Memorial

Rachel Riess-  Honorable Mention