Construction Projects

Completed Projects

Middle Thorofare Bridge Electric Service Modifications
2015 Delta Line Construction
N. Abutment Slope Protection at Middle Thorofare Bridge
2015 Midlantic Construction, LLC
Corsons Inlet & Grassy Sound Substructure Improvements
2015 Midlantic Construction, LLC
$1.3 million
Rehab of Bascule and Tollhouse Spans
2013 Mugrose Construction
$4.4 million
Corsons Inlet Bridge Railing Improvements
2011 Thomas Barry Marine Con.
$2.3 million
CMC Bridge Painting Program (TI, GS)
2010 Allied Painting
$4.3 million
Pier 4 Fender Repairs at Townsends Inlet
2009 PKF-Mark III, Inc.
Misc. Structural Repairs at 4 Ocean Drive Bridges
2009 Allied Painting
$1.7 million
Fender Repairs at Grassy Sound Bridge
2009 R. A. Walters & Sons
Recoating Steelwork at Corsons Inlet Bridge
2008 Allied Painting
$1.4 million
Emergency Structural Repairs at Corsons Inlet Bridge
2006 IEW Construction
$1.5 million