Planning for Emergency

  1. Are You Prepared?

    Visit the Ready website to start your emergency preparations.

  2. Caring for the Disabled (PDF)

    Review the prepare for Emergencies Now: Information For People With Disabilities Brochure to start preparing for an emergency.

  3. Emergency Preparedness Guide (PDF)

    View the Cape May County Emergency Preparedness Guide Brochure with information about being prepared, evacuation routes, shelter, and important terms to know.

  4. Prepare Your Home

    Look through the items you should address if an evacuation is order to make your home safe.

  5. Prepare Your Pets

    Find out what you will do with your pets in case of an evacuation.

  6. Supply & Evacuation Kit

    Learn how to build a disaster supply kit for you and your family to use in case of an emergency.

  7. Types of Emergencies

    Visit the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management website to read about the different types of emergency that could affect our state.