Veterans & Exempt Firefighters

  1. Firefighter Certificate of Exemption

    Firefighter Exempt Certificates are filed in the County Clerk's Office to show evidence of a firefighter's eligibility to receive benefits under N.J.S.A. 40A:14-56.

  2. U.S. Military Honorable Discharge (DD214)

    The Cape May County Clerk's Office records and maintains U.S. Military Honorable Discharge documents (DD214) for veterans. Protect your right to receive veterans benefits by ensuring the security and future access of your military discharge record.

  3. Vendor Licenses

    The Cape May County Clerk's Office issues Vendor Licenses to honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, marines, nurses or army field clerks as well as exempt firefighters.

  4. Veteran's Discounts

    Veterans are advised to show businesses and service providers their Cape May County Veteran's Photo ID Card and to ask if discounts are offered to veterans.

  5. Veteran's Photo ID Cards

    The Cape May County Clerk's Office provides Veteran's Photo ID Cards to veterans who record their U.S. Military Honorable Discharge document. The Veteran's Photo Identification card may be used to obtain discounts offered by participating merchants/vendors.