Emergency Preparedness

  1. Bioterrorism

    Review information about what to do during an act of bioterrorism.

  2. Disaster Preparedness

    Access resources to help you and your family prepare for disasters.

  3. What to Take to a Shelter

    Public Evacuation/Medical Needs Sheltering Checklist

  4. Emergency Plan

    Find out how to create an emergency plan.

  5. Emergency Procedures

    Read an overview of emergency procedures to follow.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    Review answers to frequently asked questions about terrorism-related topics.

  7. High-Rise Safety

    Review safety tips for emergencies while in a high-rise building.

  8. Preparedness Steps

    View steps you and your family should take to prepare for an emergency and tips for how to best prepare.

  9. Shelter in Place

    Learn how to properly respond when advised to shelter in place.

  10. Important Links

    View a wide variety of important links for you to use in case of a chemical or biological terrorism emergency.